Arboreal Alphabet
Photography is a mirror of reality. A tree is a nature as it is. I wanted to use the advantages of photography to focus on trees, finding a primitive way to compare the man-made alphabet with a natural resource.

Air in a jar Project is a place to exchange air captured from significant moments in your life.
To share, capture some air in a jar (at your first kiss, on a vacation, at your birthday party, or during any special moment). Then put a label inside the jar, take a picture, and describe the occasion and the air on this group.

Purpose of this project:
Because air surrounds us and is invisible, many of us do not stop to think about it.
I wanted to create a place where air from different places and moments in our lives 
can be shared and exchanged. The purpose is to make people think about how 
important air is and capture memories. I am very passionate about appreciating air 
and I think this website could make others reconsider air.

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