Our Mission
Building brands people love.
Iyashi is an award-winning brand studio in San Francisco— we craft company culture, core values, design systems and content for our clients.

Iyashi (Ee-ya-she) means “healing” in Japanese. For us, it’s a constant reminder to be honest, open and positive in everything we do— both internally and externally. We believe success is measured in how we treat individuals and our partners along the way. Basic notions like dignity and respect mean everything. We hope you agree. 

Brand: mission+vision, core values, naming, market research, consumer insights, tone of voice, look+feel, identity system (logo, color-palette, typography, graphic system, photography, icon, illustration, motion), guidelines.
Content: Go-to-market strategy (acquisition, retention, influencer, royalty), art & editorial direction,
creative production, public relations, earned & paid media, media training.
Experience: service design, company culture, transformation, event & conference, way-finding & signage, packaging, in-store, display.
Product: value proposition, customer journey mapping, UXUI, design system, websites & apps, e-commerce, rapid prototyping, interaction design, frontend development, usability testing.

Iyashi + U

Head meets heart. 
We believe that emotion and function are not mutually exclusive but must work together for the most impact, connection and staying power. Technology for technology’s sake is pointless if it doesn’t address a true human need or desire. It’s just more noise. 

Dog and pony shows not allowed.
Most agencies have a presentation problem. That is, they have too many of them. As inspiring as Keynote slides can be we prefer to spend our time exploring ideas that will resonate outside glass conference rooms as well. We are into ideas that work, not busy work.  

Don’t dilute decisions. 
It’s an irrefutable law of business, the more people involved in a decision the more likely the result will be meh. So Iyashi always tries keep decision-making to the key players only. (Not that your ex mother-in-law doesn’t have some very valid opinions on branding.) 

It’s all about love. 
We want to build brands people hold close to their hearts-ours included. Achieving that requires empathy, humanity and a healthy dose of humility. We’ll always strive to treat our partners with respect and expect the same. No Kumbaya singalongs required.